Jerry Coffman, K5JC, formerly WB5RUA


  • Midland XTR&SyntechII Windows Programming ZipFile
  • Midland 70-0351 XTR Schematic
  • Midland 70-0351 XTR Manual
  • Midland 70-1340b XTR Manual
  • Midland 70-0520cwb Low Band Syntech-II Manual
  • Midland 70-0520 Low Band Syntech-II Manual
  • Midland 70-342 Syntech-I Manual
  • Midland 70-050&70-055 Syntech-I Manual
  • Midland 70-530b UHF Syntech-I Manual
  • Motorola Syntor-X9000 Programming ZipFile
  • Motorola Maxtrac Programming ZipFile
  • Motorola Radius Programming ZipFile
  • Motorola Maratrac Programming ZipFile
    Note: Rename maratjc.exe to maratrac.exe for Maratrac out-of-band programming
  • Motorola Maratrac Low Band Manual
  • Regency Slantface Radio Manual
  • Aerotron Mega-E Low-Band Manual

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      Neat Items Made by
      Oak Flat Forge
      Terry Coffman
      (936) 876-3036

  • Rose made of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
  • Cross made of Stainless Steel and Copper